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About Us

Raw Transparency, was conceived a few years ago.  It is still in pre-mature developing stages.  The idea is to have a platform that can be raw and transparent on issues, or stories, that usually are either brushed off, hidden, minimized, or controversial to discuss.


Sometimes, we are fearful to things we don't understand.  Or, we are still coming to terms with things that may have happened to us, and need an outlet to heal?  

Personally, I have found that through expression of art, or writing... it has helped me on many accounts.

While this is a platform of healing, encouraging, or teaching, etc., and the idea is to give everyone liberty in being transparent and having open discussions.  Any kind of hate speeches or direct attacks, will not be tolerated.

When perfected, I would hope to have a Public Multifaceted Social Platform:

Discussion Boards, Blogs, Forums, Podcasts, E-Books, and the Like.  A Passionate Dynamic Team, Write and Speak to Evoke Conversation and Encouragement on Controversial Topics.  

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